Free Best Price Opinion

The process begins with some required field work including visiting a property and performing either an outside (exterior) and/or inside (interior) valuation with the purpose of establishing a current market value of the home. 

A BPO (Broker Price Opinion) agent’s duties may include taking exterior and interior photos, gathering comparable property sales information from public records and other external data sources, including sold properties and current properties on the market, and gathering information on foreclosure activity in the area. The agent may also note needed repairs and investigate the condition of the home. Real estate agents typically have just a few days to complete the BPO valuation and send or email the information over to the lender.

Garden Realty provides free BPO to Sellers and Buyers who are contracted clients. Please call and ask us to provide you this free service. A BPO is an important step in buying or selling any kind of Real Estate.

 FREE BPO at Garden Realty