About Don Haven Jr

Don Haven Jr. is the owner, director of operations, and a top real estate agent at Garden. He has sold and had his hands in the construction of thousands of homes, runs Garden and his private investment company, Melia Investments. He consistently ranks in the top real estate brokers in the tristate area. As a native of Haddon Heights - Haddonfield area and having later lived all across the tri state region, he is intimately familiar with the different neighborhoods and commercial properties and expertly advises his clients of the right match for them. The reasons for his success are hard work, superior market knowledge, and four generations and almost twenty years in the real estate, development and investment business. Don Jr. has the tools to provide excellent service to buyers and sellers and assist them along every step of their transaction.

In addition, he advises many of his clients on investment properties. Many of his sales are for properties intended for rental or resale, and he has helped his clients develop a large portfolio of income-producing properties.

Being experienced in all aspects of real estate on both the buyer and seller side, Don Jr. is uniquely able to offer clients a total solution to their real estate needs. He can help you purchase your first home and your first investment property. In addition to helping with buying and selling, he has developed close contacts in all related fields including loans, construction and inspection, giving his clients access to top industry professionals at preferred pricing.

Don Jr. has a special division for short sales and foreclosure properties and has customizable solutions for banks and asset managers. He sells properties for banks and manages short sales. Contact him for more details.

Don Jr.'s high level of expertise has afforded him the honor of being granted his Real Estate Instructors License and Brokers License in multiple states.

To learn more, please review the website. You will find the testimonials section especially interesting, as Don Jr. has maintained a stellar customer satisfaction record. He works hard to consistently consider his clients’ best interests and has always delivered great deals. He doesn’t just show properties and write contracts, he understands how to negotiate the best possible deal for his client – buyer or seller.

For further information and insight into the real estate market, read Don Jr.’s Blog.

Don Jr. also attended Temple University for Real Estate and Asset management and has been the proud recipient  many awards.