More people in the United States make their fortune from real estate than from any other source. This section is dedicated to showing you how to take the money that you have now and turn it into a long-term stream of income, tax shelter, and equity.

Working with investors has always been a focus of Don Jr.'s practice. He has shown a proven real estate investment plan for his clients to consider investment real estate and the amazing income it can do for you. Besides having incredible tax advantages, it is the easiest and most profitable small business you can own. Someone pays your mortgage, expenses, and profit, and in 30 years (or less) the mortgage is paid off, and you make even more money!

Don Jr. is also an active investor with several rental properties, and is active in helping his clients manage, maintain and improve their rental properties and also provides construction management services to several clients building new homes.

Investment properties are not just for wealthy people anymore. You can get into investment properties with way less money than you think, and you can start turning cash flow profit from day one in tri-state areas.

A small apartment building or duplex is a great first-time investment. Don Jr. can show you buildings that will give you higher returns and greater appreciation than you may have realized.

If you are a bank or asset management company, Don Jr. provides BPOs as well as sales services. Contact Don Jr. for an appointment. 

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Contact Don Jr. if you are looking for something and can’t find it here. He has access to a large supply of “off-market” investment properties.

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